Meet the future of travel.

CitiPod is replacing cars and vans in cities and towns globally.

The gold standard in urban mobility & sustainable transport.

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British Made


- Ideal for micro-deliveries: fast food, rapid groceries

- Campus/estate management, logistics

- Payload of 100kg/550 litres

- No licence, insurance or tax requirement

- Flexible customisation for different use cases

-Agile and nimble on cycleways and roads


- Replaces short car journeys

- Ideal for school runs & shopping: 150litre luggage space

- Can be driven by school-age 14+

- Ideal for urban low/zero emission zones

- Mobility scooter makes it suitable for all abilities


CitiPod is ideal for a wide range of use cases from medical emergency services to last-mile delivery.

“Using the Bizbike e-bike service for commuting over the past year has saved me huge petrol and parking costs. Having tried the CitiPod prototype, I want to buy one as soon as possible to keep cycling in all weather conditions.”

Justin Madabuko.

Justin Madabuko, Barclays Corporate Banking.

“CitiPod has great potential to transform town and city mobility by reducing cars and vans on our roads. The coming years will see a transformation in the way we move around our cities and Citipod is perfectly placed to play a leading role in that revolution. And it’s great to see this innovation originating in the East of England, with local SMEs collaborating in its development.”

James Palmer


Eastern Powerhouse

“The CitiPod makes cycling far more inclusive by providing four-wheel stability, weather protection and the safety of a canopy surrounding the rider and passengers.”

Anthony Browne, MP for South Cambridgeshire & Minister for Transport Decarbonisation

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Technical Specs

CitiPod’s design mantra is light, simple and robust.

  • All parts are durable so maintenance is easy
  • Powerful long-range batteries suitable for all weather conditions
  • Solar panel and pedalling power reduce grid dependency
  • Motors immobilised via app; cable locking point for extra security
  • Passenger version can be configured for two children or one adult passenger
  • Fully recyclable, including battery cells

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Company Updates

Come and test drive CitiPod at our Investment Forum

New Hires

Tinder’s former Head of Communications is steering our marketing and communications.

Product Hire

David Foster has been appointed as Product Manager. David is an engineer, project leadership and product certification, including director of programme management at Magna, and technical consulting as a partner at Cambridge Design Partnership and founder at Springboard Pro.

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